Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 2011 New Missionaries!

We had four wonderful new missionaries come to our mission tonight. Elder O'Hara (Arizona), Elder Kuwahara (Fukushima), Elder Finlinson (Utah), and Elder Shimohara (Utah). They did great on their first night! We are excited to watch them grow throughout their mission!
From left: Sister and President Baird, Elder O'Hara,
Elder Kuwahara, Elder Finlinson, Elder Shimohara,
Elder Rust (ZL) and Elder Hollister (ZL)

The missionaries rode the train to the mission home sharing the gospel all the way! They all did great! They were willing to open their mouths and share their testimony with everyone!

Stopped for a quick picture inside the Nagoya Eki underneath the Golden Clock.

Elder Finlinson (left) and Elder Eckman- Takabata

Elder Alexander Finlinson comes to us from Oak City, Utah.  He is the third child in a family of four.  Elder Finlinson enjoys reading, hanging out with his cousins, and "table top role playing, because you can do whatever you want."

Elder Eckman is very well-read.  He is very smart and a good teacher.  

Elder Shimohara (left) and Elder Tsutamori- Nonami

Elder Samuel Shimohara’s parents converted before he was born, so he grew up in the church. He lives in Torrance, California. He hopes, when he gets home, to spend a few days listening to General Conference talks and making a plan for the rest of his life.  It will most likely involve getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Elder Tsutamori loves many sports and has already studied engineering in college.  He is good at listening to others and pondering deeply.  Elder Tsutamori is from Hokkaido, Japan.

                            Elder Kuwahara (left) and Elder Ogaki- Ichinomiya

Elder Sei Kuwahara is from Kawahuma, Fukushima, Japan.  He enjoys fixing motor bikes, fishing, skiing, photography and rowing.  His dream is to have a happy family.

 Elder Ogaki loves sports, music and talking with people.  He has a zest for life. He has good English and plays piano.

Elder O'Hara (left) and Elder Gottfredson- Kanazawa

Elder Andrew O'Hara is a Mesa, Arizona native.  His mother is a convert to the Church, as a result of ekaiwa classes.  She also served a mission in Nagoya.  His father is also a convert and served in Bolivia.  Elder O'Hara loves to draw, wrestle, read, run, listen to music and be with friends.  His goal after his mission is to become a chiropractor and help people feel better.  He could also enjoy being a cartoonist.

Elder Gottfredson likes music.  He plans to minor in music and major in something that
will provide a living.  He makes friends easily, and sees being a bit prideful
as a strength and a weakness.

Monday, December 19, 2011

December 2011 Finishers

Tonight, we said good-bye to six great missionaries. Sister Tsukino, Elder Kekauoha, Elder Sorensen, Elder Jackson, Elder Carr, and Elder Santin. We love them so very much and miss them a lot! They have been a great blessing to this mission!

Sister Nozomi Tsukino's mother is a convert to the Church and served a mission.  She is strong in her faith and a wonderful example.  She loves to sing and has performed at missionary firesides.  She also love to cook.  She would love to learn English, Korean and sign language better, and even learn more languages.  She is positive and optimistic.  Most of her baby blessing was about her serving a mission, and she has a strong testimony.

Elder George Kekauoha had this said of him:  "He is a very relaxed Hawaian who knows when to work hard and when to have fun."

Elder Luke Sorenson is from Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan, but he is also a US citizen.  He has a huge extended family cheering him on. He likes biology and learning other languages.  He likes to keep things clean and to cook.  Returned missionairies have inspired him to serve because they were polite, kindhearted, responsible and had direction in their lives. 

Elder Marcus Jackson, says one missionary who served with him, is very funny, smart, and speaks English and Japanese fluently.  Before his mission, Elder Jackson loved to go to the temple.

Elder Michael Carr is from Heber, Utah and he loves music and art.  He plays several instruments.  He also enjoys computers and new technology. He wants to learn as much as he can and then find a job that will help him continue to expand his knowledge.  He is a good listener, is obedient and respectful.

Home for Elder Adriano Santin is Sao Paulo, Brazil.  His mother is from Japan. His talent is math and numbers, and he's very good at memorizing.  He enjoys reading, good movies, and spending time with his family.  He doesn't take things personally or get mad at people.  

From left:  Sister Tsukino, Sister Baird, President Baird and in
front of him, Elder Kekauoha, then from back clockwise,
Elder Carr, Elder Santin, Elder Jackson, and Elder Sorenson.

One last picture before departure of the December Finishers!

Many members from Fukutoku Ward gathered together at the Komaki Airport to surprise Sister Tsukino and say good-bye one last time. It was very touching to see the support of these strong Japanese members!

The Elders wave good-bye as they go together to board the Shinkansen.