Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March 2013 Transfers, Almost Perfect

Transfers would have been just perfect, if we hadn't had to say goodbye to one great missionary:  Elder Ito.  But we know he will do great in the future and will continue to be a great missionary.

Elder Ito's Goodbye Dinner.  Around the table from left:  Elder Olson, new recorder,
Elder Clark, outgoing recorder, Elder Hara, Commissarian, Elder Ito.  President and Sister Baird,
Elder Ellsworth, outgoing AP, Elder Schade, AP, Elder Sambongi, new AP, Sister Urano,
and Sister Barney.  Elder Barney is on his favorite end of the camera.

President Baird put on his special glasses, so he could look
more like Elder Ito.

Elder Yoshiya Ito says he is an extrovert.  He loves talking to people.  He is honest and obedient and has been to church every Sunday since he was a baby.  All three of his older brothers were missionaries, and he noticed how their missions made them better men.  Elder Ito is friendly, easy to get along with, well-loved among members and missionaries.  He was completely obedient as a missionary, always focused on his purpose.

Heading out to the eki:  Elder Schade, Elder Sambongi, Elder Ellsworth, Elder Ito,
President Baird, Sister Baird, Sister Barney and Elder Barney
If we hadn't had to say goodbye to Elder Ito, transfers would have been perfect.  And here's what made it close to perfect:  8 great new missionaries.  

Here is the entire group, in the driveway of the mission home.  From left:  Elders Benzon,
Moretti, Nakahara, Suzuki, President and Sister Baird,
Sisters Hansen and Watanabe, and Elders Ishijima and Sugimoto

Elder Jordan Benzon   

From Taylorsville, Utah, Elder Jordan Benzon is the youngest of six children.  His family loves being together, the Gospel, and music.  Elder Benzon also loves backpacking, running and working out.  He is outgoing and fun loving, and has been blessed to recognize what and when the Lord needs him to say something.  He wants to serve a mission because he loves the Lord.

Elder Ellsworth is very smart, and has the special talent of knowing just about any word, it's definition, and how to spell it.  He is also a very good pianist and cellist.  He is soft-spoken but always a gentleman and a dedicated, hard worker.  

Sister Sierra Hansen

Sister Sierra, from LaCrescenta, California, has been studying Aisian studies with an emphasis on Japan.  She loves to sew and make things, read, write and sing.  She says she is quiet, but not shy.  She is just not a big talker.  She gets excited about the Gospel.  She says she wouldn't be serving a mission is she didn't know the Gospel was true.

Sister Adachi is a very loved missionary.  She gets along with everyone and works hard at her missionary responsibilities.  She is kind and full of love, and shows it easily. She is one of those people you can't resist liking.

Elder Koki Ishijima

Elder Koki Ishijima is the fifth person in his family to serve a mission.  There are six in his family, and one is still too young to serve.  Elder Ishijima loves the piano.  He started when he was young and had a very good teacher, so he enjoys it a great deal.  He is a very serious person, and he says that can be good and bad.  He knows he will have success on his mission if he relies on the Lord.

Elder Hilton loves to sing and dance.  He is an intelligent and kind person who loves to help others.  He is creative and enjoys talking with and learning about others.  He is just very likable. 

Elder Guilherme Moretti

Elder Moretti comes to us from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He has an older brother
 and sister and a younger brother.  He loves missionary work and wants
 to do it for the rest of his life, along with graduating from college 
and having a family.  His hobbies are judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mua-tai fighting. 
(Be nice to him.)  He also loves music and plays classic guitar, 
bass, and piano.  He loves the Gospel and sharing it with others.

Elder Seipel enjoys Jiu Jiustu, break dancing and he wants to revolutionize
the world.  He says that sometimes he is withdrawn and sometimes outgoing.  
He is generally hard working and can be fairly patient.

Elder Sachio Nakahara

Elder Sachiio Nakahara is from Okinawa, Japan.  Elder Nakahara enjoys badmitton or ping-pong.  He was working hard each day and very busy, and these games relaxed him because he was good at it and it relaxed him.  Elder Nakahara says his life has been really changed by the Gospel, and it has been a good result.  He is very enthusiastic to share the Gospel, and hopes that God will grant him the power needed to carry out the work.

Elder Ashcroft is a hard-working missionary.  And he has his future pretty well thought out.  He hopes to work at BYU TV while he's in school, but he has an entirely different plan for his major (business).  Elder Ashcroft is also very good at math.

Elder Haruki Sugimoto

From Kanagawa, Chiba, Japan, Elder Sugimoto's family has four members. He has a younger brother.  His parents both served missions in Japan.  Elder Sugimoto's biggest dream is to be a father who can go to church on Sunday with his family.  He likes sports, was on a soccer team, and has studied Spanish at university.  People have told him he is sincere.  He knows he is honest and optimistic.  He has read the Book of Mormon many times.

Elder Heo is a really great trainer and has done it several times.  He is a hard worker, dependable, and follows mission rules well.  He is full of love and kindness, and when you listen to him teach the Gospel, it is hard to believe he is a relatively new member of the church.  

Elder Toku Suzuki

Elder Toku Suzuki, from Saitama, Japan, comes from a great family of 9.  Two of the 7 siblings are younger than him.  Five of his family have served missions.  Elder Suzuki has a goal to study in the US after his mission.  But his biggest goal is to become a pilot.  He is currently licensed in First Aid.  He is curious, positive, and shows his emotions.  His brothers, telling about their missions, convinced him to serve a mission.  

Elder Sanderson is a very happy person, and you can see that in his smile.  He finds it easy to get along with others, and he tries to do that well.  He is always excited to share the Gospel with others because he knows it will bring them happiness, as it has him.  

Sister Aya Watanabe

Sister Aya Watanabe, from Provo, Utah, has two sisters and two brothers.  Her father was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and her mother is from Idaho.  Sister Watanabe is studying advertising at BYU, and wants to minor in graphic design.  She loves winter and being in the snow, especially skiing.  She loves people, and everywhere she goes, she finds herself surrounded by people she loves.  She is very happy, naturally optimistic, and enjoys sharing her love.  She has felt the Saviour's love multiple times.    She has always wanted to serve a mission.  

Sister Fujisawa has loved sports since she was a child.  Playing sports always gives her new insights and she enjoys mingling with friends while involved in sports.  She sincerely loves children and would love to become a PE teachers.  She has a strong will, but uses it with gentleness and love.

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