Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Goodbyes

It has been a tough month in the mission.  Three transfer days in four weeks is not what a mission president wants to have happen.  The regular transfer of March 12 was mostly joyous.  We lost one great elder but gained 8 wonderful new missionaries. (See the next blog.)  But then on March 30, our wonderful missionary couple who has been serving in Matsumoto completed their mission.  We said goodbye to Elder and Sister Matsuhashi.  They will be so dearly missed, especially by the many people who love them in Matsumoto.

We enjoyed a Family Home Evening with some of their beautiful family as part of the send off.  That was a delight.  Mission couples who are out in the field are the best thing that can happen in a mission.  And the Matsuhashi's were THE best.  Here are a few pictures to prove it.

These are our beloved Matsuhashi's.  You only have to look at them to love them.
We could use 100 of them in our mission.  Elder and Sister Matsuhashi focused on the less active.
They brought several people back into the fold, and developed relationships
of love with many people.  They knew just what was needed and did it.

Seated are some of the Matsuhashi's beautiful family.
Behind from left:  Elder Olsen, Elder Hara, Elder Sarager, Elder Baker,
 President and Sister Baird, and Sister and Elder Barney

Fun with the district.  Front:  Sister Matsuhashi, Sisters Thayne and Yamada
Behind from left:  Elders Romero, DeMille, Wilcox (behind), Rocha,
Parry (behind Rocha) Okajima, Kobayashi, Kusume, and Elder Matsuhashi

Elder and Sister Matsuhashi taught dance at the church.
People loved to come, to learn to dance and to get to know each other.
They also attended choir practice every week and brought many potential
investigators with them.  

Elder and Sister Matsuhashi became dear friends with many people.  One elder who knows them
well said that Sister Matsuhashi has a really fun personality, makes delightful jokes and makes friends
easily.  He said Elder Matsuhashi has a dry sense of humor, and is a superb Gospel teacher.

A great game at a fun church activity.  How many toothpicks
can you get to stay on the bottle?

And finally, just 10 days later, it was time for the Barney's to return home.  Elder and Sister Barney have served as the
mission finance secretary and the mission secretary.  They have loved being in Japan and working with President and Sister Baird, and they were very sad to leave.  Nagoya will always hold a special place in their hearts.  
Sister Barney in her usual position

Elder Barney, helping fix breakfast at transfer time.

Urano Shimai and Sister Barney.  They will miss each other.
Elder and Sister Barney did just do office work.
This is sweet Yoko Yamamoto, who they love and hope will some day join the Church.

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