Tuesday, April 17, 2012

March 2012 New Missionaries

It is always a treat to get new missionaries in.  We first get their photos and learn a little about them.  We wait a few months while they are trained at the MTC.  Finally the day comes, and we wait excitedly at the airport for them to come through that door and finally be "ours."  We love it; we love them.  This month we expecially exciting because there were 8.  The more we get, the happier we are.

Here they all are at the airport, getting their first of many photos with President and Sister Baird.

Elder deOliveira first meeting Elder Augusto.

It is very exciting to meet your trainer for the first time.  It usually includes a big hug.

It's tradition to get your picture taken, showing the area you will be working in.  (All the new missionaries are on the left.)
Elder Gates will be privileged to serve with Elder Dinkel in Ina.

Bountiful, Utah is home to Elder Peter Gates.  He plans to major in Sound
 Engineering.  He LOVES classical music, singing it, playing it, writing it.
He says there's always room for improvement, but he is loving the journey!
He wants to serve faithfully and give his all to whatever God wants him to do.
He is calm and would rather listen than talk.

Elder Dinkel is a driven person who wants to do his best.  He loves the Savior and has felt His love numerous times.  Elder Dinkel also loves to read and draw manga.

Elder Benham gets to serve in Fukui with Elder Okajima.

Elder Joel Benham hales from Plummer, Idaho, but was born at Misawa AFB in Japan.  His family all loves to read books and to listen to music. He plans to work to earn money for college when he gets home. Elder Benham loves reading, drawing,  archery, roller blading, sword fighting with his brothers, laying on the roof and watching the clouds go by.  He says that he will write back to anyone who writes to him.

Elder Okajima loves to sing.  He was in a choir in the YSA group in Tokyo and they made a CD.  He is very intelligent and catches on to things quickly.  One missionary who knows him says he is smart like a fox.  He is always smiling and always wants to do better.

 Elder Sambongi will be serving with Elder Kuwahara in Ichinomiya. 

Elder Shun Sambongi is from Orem, Utah.  His parents were both born in Japan, joined the church and met at a church activity.  Elder Sambongi is the first in his family to serve a mission.

Elder Kuwahara is a very kind person.  He feels God's love and knows that everyone is a child of God.  After his mission, he wants to find a job that makes people happy.

Elder Wakamatsu will be in Suwa serving with Elder Kerksiek.

Elder Tyler Wakamatsu is from Lehi, Utah, and his family cares a lot about people.  He loves music, plays trumpet, and loves to be with family and friends.   He would like to get an education, travel the world to play music professionally, and get married. He describes himself as laid back, friendly, and energized. He wants to be known as someone who loves the Lord and keeps his commandments.

Elder Kerksiek is one of those people who does not get angry easily.  He tries to be someone others want to be with.  Maybe he learned that from his family of 12.  He also finds the universe extremely complex and mysterious.
This is Elder James with his trainer, Elder Clark.  They will be in Seto.

Idaho Falls, Idaho is happy to claim Elder Aaron James as theirs.  Elder James likes to brings things to life on paper with his drawing, and he loves Japanese culture. Elder James hopes to major in graphic arts.  He is kind to everyone and very patient.

Elder Clark tries to be concerned, sincere,and thoughtful.  If he ever gets irritated, he doesn't let people know about it.  He took biology his first year of college, but he hasn't decided what he will major in when he gets home.  He knows his mission is not about him, but about what God can make of him.
Sister Eguchi (left) and Sister Inoue met seconds ago and are already best friends.
Sister Shizuka Eguchi is from Kai, Yamanishi, Japan.  She likes listening to classical music and going to concerts.  Doing good deeds secretly brings her much joy.  She once had a church leader touch her heart with some special advice, including reading the Book of Mormon.  She followed that advice and her life changed since that day.

Sister Inoue's goal is to go to university or specialized school, possibly in a foreign country.  Of course, a temple marriage and family are part of her plans, and even to become a couple missionary in the future.  She is cheerful and loves talking with friends. 
These beautiful sisters will be serving in Fukutoku.

Elder deOliveira will be serving with Elder Augusto in Takaoka.
Elder Dimas DeOliveira is from Paranagua, Brazil.  But he has lived and taught English in the United States.  He is a happy, enthusiastic person and loves to share the Gospel.  Elder deOliveira intends to study to get in a good university and work!  He loves to sing and watch good movies.  His goal after his misson is to become a diplomat and of course keep doing missionary work.  He says he is very rational, friendly and he loves to talk.

Elder Augusto is one of the funniest elders in the mission, according to another missionary who knows him well.  He has the ability to love anyone, and everyone loves him.  What a wonderful thing to have said about you!

And Elder Sarager gets to serve with Elder Ashcroft in Inuyama.

Home for Elder Spencer Sarager is Gilbert, Arizona.  He has three older brothers who have served missions.  He loves the outdoors and all sports.  

Elder Ashcroft's mother was converted by his father, and was born in Nagoya.  How exciting for Elder Ashcroft to serve a mission in his mother’s hometown.