Monday, September 20, 2010

Small Miracles

Elder Mario Harper

I feel as if there has not been a major miracle on my mission, but I feel that it was in the small ways that I saw many miracles.  In these last few weeks, there were some interesting events that happened.

Towards the end of my last transfer, I realized that my companion, Elder Boss, had not yet met with some of our investigators.  In order to have a chance to meet, we made and sent out invitations to a festival that would be happening in our area.

The night of the festival was a sudden downpour.  Because of the intensity of the rain, we could not ride our bicycles and trains were stopped.  We thought about just giving up on the activity, but as we prayed, we decided to try and go through with it.  A member came to pick us up and we were able to go.
Although we were an hour and a half late, because of trains and road conditions all of our investigators were also late and we had a chance to meet all of them.

That night we had a phone call from a potential investigator who was able to come to the church.  In some form or another, we were able to meet in some strange circumstances many of our investigators and potential investigators and make plans to meet again.  I saw much of God’s hand not only directing us but also our investigators.

I know that God loves his children and desires their success.  I have come to learn that this is His work.  

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