Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 2011 New Missionaries

This week, we went to the airport and welcomed 3 new missionaries into our mission. Elder Berrett, Elder Amussen, and Sister Goodale. It was so fun to see them! We know they will be great missionaries for our Heavenly Father!

Elder Amussen (right) and Elder Da Silva- Komatsu

From Salem, Utah, Elder Cameron Amussen is the baby of the family and has lots of nieces and nephews.  His dream, after he serves his mission, is to become a pharmacist.  Serving in Japan was a dream come true for him, since the Japanese language is his favorite language to study.

One elder who knows Elder DaSilva said of him,
"He is a very happy, warm-hearted elder who can have
good relations with just about anyone!"

Elder Berrett (left) and Elder Transtrum - Takayama

Elder Shane Berrett is from Concord, California and comes from a family of 9.  Elder Berrett plans to be a chiropractor after his mission. He loves to play baseball and several other sports and is very competitive.  He is a good story teller and has great organizational skills.  He is good at understanding the hearts of others and does well with goals.

Elder Michael Transtrum lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking and working out, and he wrestled in high school.  He sees being a doctor in his future.  He is a hard worker and a perfectionist, and has a sense of humor.  He wants to share the truth, happiness and peace that he has found in the Gospel with others.

Sister Goodale (right) and Sister Griffin- Takabata

Sister Amanda Goodale hales from Cordova, Tennessee, but you can tell from her middle name that she has some Hawaiin connections.  It is Kaualulehuaopanaewa.  Beautiful!  Sister Goodale's interests are mainly art and music.  She loves anything from pottery to sewing to painting.  She hopes to have a studio and sell her art.  She is spontaneous and outgoing and doesn't mind stepping outside the box.  She believes that nothing is impossible with the help of the Lord.  

Sister Sunny Griffin is from sunny Mission Viejo, California and her smile matches her name.  She loves to sing, has played the flute, and enjoys cooking and sewing.  She hopes to study psychology, but mostly she wants to be married in the temple and be a mom.  She is a good listener and finds joy in other people's happiness.  She looks forward to sharing her strong testimony with others.  

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