Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Saw God's Hand In My Life Abundantly

Written by Elder Derrick Curtis

One of the greatest times on my mission was my time in Takabata.  It is the place I have felt most successful.  In just two transfers we found nine investigators, five of which were in just one week.  We were very busy and very happy.  

It was a miracle all of the good stuff that happened.  Most of the investigators were very interested and very committed to learning and growing.  The miracle sprung from two missionaries working hard to be obedient and striving to see success.  And by the grace of God, we saw it.  We were blessed. 

After I left the area, to my delight, two of those people were baptized and another family became yakusokushyas (someone who has a baptismal date). 

I loved my time in that area.  I thought I would end my mission there.  I was extremely sad to leave.  That transfer, I saw God’s hand in my life abundantly.  

The Church is true.  This I know.  

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