Thursday, December 15, 2011

Golden Anniversary

How many people can say that they had the opportunity to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in Japan as a missionary?! I would guess not a lot!

Our wonderful office couple, Elder and Sister Oldroyd, celebrated their Golden Anniversary this week! So, we decided to make it one to remember! We contacted missionaries throughout the mission and asked them to send in a Hashioki (chopstick rest) for the Oldroyds. (Sister Oldroyd loves hashioki.) We had a lot of the missionaries participate.

Also, we planned a surprise party for the Oldroyds by inviting some members over. We hid the shoes and gathered in the living room to welcome the Oldroyds. I think they were sure surprised! We spent the night by celebrating them and the wonderful people they are. We sang, opened presents, and enjoyed one another's company.

Elder and Sister Oldroyd opened each present together, even looking at each hashioki. Their favorite mailman even dropped by for the visit! I think everyone could see the pure joy in the eyes of the Oldroyds. They are a great example and influence on every one who comes in contact with them. We are so grateful for the blessing it is to serve together with them! We love them so very much!

Happy Golden Anniversary Elder and Sister Oldroyd!

We love you!

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