Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012 New Missionaries

Tonight, we welcomed in 6 new, wonderful missionaries. Elder Nakanishi (Fukuoka), Elder Davis (Utah), Elder Beyeler (Utah), Elder Arrington (California), Elder Gauthier (Illinois), and Elder Dunn (Illinois). They are all wonderful missionaries! We are so very excited to see them progress and continue to grow as they serve the Lord!

From right:  Elder Nakanishi, Elder Davis, Elder Beyeler, Elder Arrington
Elder Gauthier, Elder Dunn, and President and Sister Baird

Stopped for a quick picture in front of the Golden Clock in the Nagoya Station
     Elder Dunn (left) and Elder Matson- Ueda

Elder Ethan Dunn is blessed to live in Nauvoo, Illinois.  He loves to read and write fantasy.  He is a born storyteller.  He also draws comic figures.  

Elder Matson wants to learn to play the piano.  He is outgoing, (He says he has absolutely no problem going up to people and starting a conversation.) and organized.  

Elder Davis (left) and Elder Kusume- Gokiso

Elder Adam Davis, from Salt Lake City, Utah is an only child.  He calls it quality over quantity.  He enjoys building, fixing computers, writing, learning about science, playing the guitar and being active.  He wants his career to be in the medical field.

One of the elders who was in the MTC with Elder Kusume says of Elder Kusume, "He's the best!  He studied English a lot and is great a making friends.  He always seemed to love doing missionary work."

Elder Beyeler (left) and Elder Kobayashi- Tsu

Elder Evan Beyeler hales from West Valley City, Utah.  Elder Beyeler’s family jokes around with each other a lot.  After his mission, he is looking forward to going to school, getting a job, and dating, but don’t forget basketball and snowboarding.  He really loves snowboarding.  He wants to travel to Italy and go on a service tour to another country.  He describes himself as relaxed but passionate.

Elder Kobayashi was blessed to find a great job that allowed him to earn money for his mission while still teaching seminary and working with the missionaries.  When Elder Kobayashi saw the difference between members of the church and people who don’t have the Gospel, he wanted to share the Gospel so their lives could be improved.

Elder Nakanishi (left) and Elder Perdersen- Toyota

Itoshima, Fukuoka is the city Elder Ryuga Nakanishi comes from.  He loves the ocean.  It makes him feel calm and good, and he loves to surf.  

Elder Pederson wants an occupation in the field of science to help make the world and church better.  He is humble and easy going and likes to help others.  He has a resolute testimony and lots of faith.

Elder Gauthier (left) and Elder Horne- Yokkaichi

Elder Gauthier loves his family and says his sisters are geniuses.  He's not sure what he wants to study, but he's thinking about law.  He loves soccer, cycling, skiing and dating.  He wants to become the best man he can, and be a father like his father. 

One elder who knows Elder Horne said he is a hard worker, is very obedient, is trusted and works smart.  

Elder Arrington (right) and Elder Ellsworth- Yokkaichi 
Elder Dallas Arrington's family is made up of his father, mother, two brothers, two sisters, and then him. Both brothers went on missions, but neither to Japan, even 
though his father went to Sendai. His brothers, therefore, like to joke that he's now officially the favorite son. When he gets back home, he plans on returning to 
school. Before his mission, he loved computers, reading, and writing. While he's in 
Japan, he wants to learn to communicate better, no matter what language 
he's using: English, Japanese, or the Spirit.

Elder Ellsworth values having a close friend 
who he can confide in.  He is intellectual but tries not to flaunt it.  
He was raised in a very courteous household.

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