Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sad and Happy at the Same Time is Possible, June 2012

Another transfer week has occurred.  We were so sad to see seven great missionaries bid us goodbye, but happy at the same time.  They were superb missionaries.  They will go forward in their lives in great ways.  We send them our love and confidence in their goodness.

Of course, we can't send them away empty.  They are smiling,
but they are thinking, "Wow!  I'm going to miss Sister Baird's

Standing, L to R: Sister Goodale, Sister Inoue
Seated:  Elder Cruz, Elder Rust, Elder Brown, Elder Voss, and Elder Hollister

We love you all.  

Elder Michael Brown, says one of the other missionaries who worked with him, is a “way hard worker.”  He fills his schedule. Working hard, finding people, and teaching lessons make him happy.  He is very respectful to people.  One investigator said, “When I saw him, I thought that God can be seen in some people.”

Elder Voss has been called, "Tall, way tall!"  But this person also went on to say he is a very gentle person and a hard worker who helped make companions stronger and more reliable.  He is dependable.  And the best of all compliments:  "He was exactly obedient on his mission."

Elder Cruz was also exactly obedient!  He can work, work, work!  He is also talkative and he is a great Brazilian.  Another elder who knows him said he was determined, good at Japanese, and was a really great leader.  He is passionate about what he does.

Sister Goodale loves drawing, was a solo sister in the MTC, loves being outside and really loves talking.  She is also a great listener, always making any situation fun.

People who know Sister Inoue said she has very good English, she's crazy in a good way, and she is happy all the time.  She enjoys volleyball, cool guys (like the one who said these things about her!) and is very friendly to everyone.  She is always bright and smiling and loves children.

Elder Rust served as an AP.  He is always willing to help anyone at any time, and is always sensitive to other needs, especially those needing translation.  He  learned Japanese very well, in speaking, writing and reading, and is a very good translator.  He thinks before he reacts to situations and consistently leads by example.  He is well loved by everyone.

Elder Hollister served as an AP.  Having been trained for a year at the Air Force Academy, Elder Hollister has great exercise habits, is self-disciplined, exactly obedient, and a very hard worker.  He is always ready to help and serve in any way he can.  He is an excellent planner and lived and breathed missionary work.

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