Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Elder Kevin Gottfredson, Sept. 7, 2012

In the Nagoya East Zone Meeting, Elder Gottfredson shared an experience where the appointments and plans and backup plans for one evening all fell apart.  After considering what to do, while tempted to stay in the apartment, instead they decided to go out and do some finding activities.

Elder Gottfredson is on the right.  He is with his trainer, Elder Palmer.

He and his companion decided to grab some English Class chirashis (fliers) and go out on the street.  They planned to stuff some mail boxes, hand them out to people they passed on the streets, and to just talk to anyone they could.

That night they were waiting for a light when they heard someone calling, “Elders….., Elders….”  They turned to see two women running toward them.  They said they had been looking for the missionaries for quite a while.  They have moved here from the Philippians and had been trying to find the missionaries or the church since they had arrived.  They were so glad to see the missionaries, took a chirashi and used it to find where the church was.  They were there the following Sunday.
These missionaries were doubly rewarded for overcoming the temptation to stay in.  That night they put some chirashis in mailboxes and for the first time in Elder Gottfredson’s mission, someone called and is currently a very strong investigator.

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