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More Missionaries, A through I

There are several of our very wonderful missionaries who were here in the mission when we arrived, but who for one reason or another, didn't get their photos into our blog before they left.  We want everyone to know a little about each one of these great missionaries.  So, alphabetically, here they are:

Elder Shingo Adachi

Elder Nelson and Elder Adachi

Missionaries who knew Elder Adachi said he loves people and enjoys talking to them.  He always has a loving feel about him and is easy to love.  He had the privilege of serving in the mission at the same time as  his sister for a while.  We have had a chance to see Elder Adachi since he returned home.  He is now teaching seminary!

Elder Miguel Beal

Front, from left: Elder Katanuma, Elder Beal, Elder Eyring
Elder McKenzie, Elder Hanson

Wilsonville, Oregon is home to Elder Miguel Beal.  His father served a mission in Portugal, where he met Luis, who would later become his wife.  Elder Beal grew up speaking both English and Portuguese.  Elder Beal likes listening to music, archery, eating ice cream, and other things common to someone his age.  He would like to become an aeronautical engineer or graphic artist.  He says he is quite outgoing and is quick to adapt to change.  He hopes to become more independent while on his mission.

Elder Johnny Biesinger

Elder Jonny Biesinger has two sisters, both married, and he is from Sandy, Utah.  His mother is from Japan and served a mission in Osaka.  His family has hosted many Japanese students in their home over the years.  Elder Biesinger loves music and plays piano, drums, guitar, tuba and other instruments.  He also enjoys the good workout of sports.  He says he is loud, which can be good and bad.  He is very outgoing and is excited to serve in Japan with people he already loves.

Elder Zachary Brown

Elder Zachary Brown hales from Gilbert, Arizona.  Prior to his mission, he loved computers, anime and gaming.  He is savvy with technology and types fast.  
He believes that wherever he ends up is where he is supposed to be, 
but he would like to be a standup comic.  He says he talks a lot, is a comedian, 
and learns quickly but masters a little more slowly.

Elder Kylan Brox

Elder Santin on the left and Elder Brox is on the right.

From Las Vegas, Nevada, Elder Kylan Brox comes from a family of 9.  He loves swimming, piano, drawing, traveling, leadership and learning.  He loves making others happy, being creative, growing and improving.  He wants to go to Oxford University to study biology, medicine, sociology and business.  He likes to make others feel good about themselves and be a role model, and he keeps himself in shape.  He has always looked forward to serving a mission.

Elder Fernando daSilva

Elder Fernando Filho daSilva is from Manaus, Brazil.  He has 7 people in his family, and he and his brother are the only church members.  He likes to play soccer and volleyball.  He wants to learn to speak English and Japanese fluently and go to college.  He would like to own a computer company.  He is patient, enjoys talking to people, and always seeks to have the Spirit.

Elder Heito deSouza

Elder Heitor de Souza is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and comes from a family who is strong and active in the Church.  He enjoys soccer for fun, and also participates in rugby,  karate, and basketball.  He relaxes by drawing and loves studying the scriptures.  
His biggest dream is to study at BYU.  After graduating, he wants to go back to Brazil and help his country.  He would even like to be president of Brazil.  He says he is somewhat shy, and doesn't get mad easily.  He has had some wonderful experiences 
with prayer and wants to be more humble to listen to the answers.  He has always wanted to serve a mission.

Elder John Eitel

Missionaries standing are Elder Eitel, left, and Elder Hansen

Elder John Eitel is from El Dorado Hills, California.  He is very likable and has 
a fun sense of humor.  Surfing is one of his favorite pursuits.  He was thankful 
to learn and grow in Nagoya.

Elder Henry Eyring

Elder Eyring is third from left.
Elder Walters is on left.  Sorry, we weren't able
 to identify the other two elders.
Henry Eyring is from Rexburg, Idaho.  He has a delightful sense of humor.  And yes, most of you may know his grandfather.  Elder Eyring talked to absolutely everyone he came in contact with. He was the perfect example of opening your mouth.  He said all of his expectations were met on his mission, especially the promise of more happiness than ever before.  

Elder Yuta Fujiwara

Elder Fujiwara is on the right.  He and Elder de Souza
are teaching Buzz how to be a missionary.
Kyoto, Japan is home for Elder Yuta Fujiwara.  His family is six members strong and he has a sister and a brother who are older than him, and a younger sister.  His mother is good at making the family laugh.  Elder Fujiwara is a good skate boarder.  He also likes to draw pictures on the computer.  He would like to design things in the future and have a happy family, treasuring the time with them.  He wants to also be a good example.  He has a good ability to focus, can feel love for everyone and makes friends easily.

Elder Ross Hansen

Elder Eyring and Elder Hanson, on right
Elder Onda and Elder Katanuma on left.

Gleneden Beach, Oregon is home to Elder Ross Hansen.  His father owns a small company that does a lot of business in Japan.  Elder Hansen enjoys computers, technology, and sports, with interest also in math, science, politics and economics.  He will continue pursuing a degree in electrical engineering and economics when he gets home, with a long-term dream of working for NASA or national defense.  He says he is reserved and can be a perfectionist, but he strives to be be tolerant and accepting of different opinions.  He is especially grateful for the scriptures and prayer.

Sister Eve Hart

From Puyallup, Washington, Sister Eve Hart comes from a family of six children.  Music has been an integral part of her family, school and church life.  She plays piano, sings, writes poetry and creative fiction, and journals.  She hopes to become an editor and would eventually like to publish a book (or several).  She says she is spontaneous, self-motivated, and something of a perfectionist.  

Elder Scott Heaton

Elder Eyring, left and Elder Heaton

Elder Scott Heaton comes from Provo, Utah.  Elder Heaton is a very capable young man, a natural leader and has a wonderful testimony.  He developed a deep love for the people in Japan, which is good, because his father and all of his older brothers served in Japan as well.  He called his mission "greater joy than he had ever experienced."

Elder Craig Howells

Elder Howells is seated in white shirt.
On his right is Elder  and on his left is Elder daSilva
Standing from left, Elder Beal,  Elder Warner and Elder Onda,
From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Elder Craig Howells has six siblings.  He loves his family, and has an exceptionally close relationship with his grandfather.  He loves all sports, and has a natural gift with soccer.  He also plays basketball, and does jumps on a bike.  He likes to read, especially biographies, histories, or philosophy.  And he loves the scriptures.  He studied Portuguese for three years in college.  He really enjoys school a lot, and may major in zoology, and get a masters or PhD.  He says he never shows anger physically, is comfortable speaking with strangers,
and likes to help others who have problems.

Sister Deina Ige

Seated:  Sister Ige,  Sister Wright, and Sister Koyama
Standing:  Sister and President Baird, Elder Eyring, Elder Beisinger, Elder Heaton,
Elder Wright and Elder Stevens
Sister Deina Ige hails from Provo, Utah.  Her father is Japanese, but has never lived there and doesn't speak the language.  She has two older sisters and a younger brother and she loves her family.  She enjoys karaoke, piano, running, basketball, baking, outdoors, medical stuff (She is studying nursing.), and reading.  Sister Ige calls herself easy going and carefree.  She is easy to get along with.  She likes to make sure everyone is included and feels welcome.  She has always known the Gospel is true.

Elder Daiki Ishijima

Elder Daiki Ishijima comes from Matsudo, Chiba, Japan.  His parents have both served missions, and all four children in the family plan to do the same.  Elder Ishijima is first to do so.  He loves piano and trombone, and also enjoys children, including handicapped children.  Naturally, he plans to become an elementary school teacher.   He has often worked with the missionaries and it has strengthened his tesimony.

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