Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Miracle Was Me

Written by Sister Eve Hart 

Would it be egotistical to say my miracle was me?  It was.  My miracles are as numerous and as beautiful as the petals of a blooming sakura tree.  They included me, the way the Lord worked through me, and the people who have changed because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I was anti-social and had low self-esteem when I came to Japan.  I awoke from American dreams to the cement suburbs of Japan.  It was a depressing feeling.  I hoped in my heart that something would take me away from a land of no family, an unknown tongue, and a job that stretched me beyond my social limits.

Over time, I learned from my encounters with hardship and disappointment.  I read the scriptures and studied the language.  I wasn’t willing at first, but I was obedient to the sense of duty I felt to God.  I wanted to become better and be like those I saw around me.  I grasped for the love others had for their investigators.  It was through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that I found the desire to change and enough love for myself and others.

I learned to love, to work, to speak Japanese, to believe in myself and others, to trust in the Lord.

A land I first resented I feel anguished leaving behind.  The gospel of Jesus Christ and the people that have been refined by it have become the most important things in my life.
And I can even be social, on occasion.

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