Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October, 2012 Transfer Week

Perhaps someone could make money on a book for mission bloggers.  They could suggest 30 new titles for Transfer Week, 30 ways of welcoming new missionaries with words, and 30 ways of sadly saying goodbye to missionaries who don't really want to go, but know they must.  Oh, and 30 ways to let these missionaries know how much you have grown to love them and will miss them. Since that book hasn't yet been written, we will just go ahead and write about five amazing young people, for we have had transfers again.  We will begin with three mature and experienced missionaries who were hard to let go of:

Sister Saito

Sister Saito knows the Savior lives and that Heavenly Father always answers our prayers.  Her Patriarchal blessing and attending the temple helped her decide to serve a mission.  She has been a superb missionary.

Sister Saito is on the left, with Sister Yamada

From left:  Sister Nishimuro, Sister Saito, Sister Clark

Elder Duarte

Elder Duarte's goal on his mission has been to take advantage of every minute.  He is talkative, friendly, loving, and positive. When people are around him, they are generally smiling.  

Elder Duarte just might be a good cook.
(Elder Burnett is behind.)

Elder Ikeda (left) and Elder Duarte

Elder Soliai

Missionaries can do anything!  (But how did he do this?)
Elder Soliai is very good at working with members to involve them in missionary work.  He is exactly obedient and he shows his love to every missionary and every person.  He is very focused on his purpose as a missionary and is an excellent trainer and teacher.
Elder Soliai in Shirakawa-go.

Oh, how we will miss the three of you!

But what joy, to have two new elders come in who were ready to go and excited to try to fill the big shoes of those who left:
Our first peek at our newest elders, coming through the gate.

You can tell these two missionaries are ready to go,
and President Baird is ready to get them started.

Our traditional picture at the dragon.
(It is the Year of the Dragon.  What will we do next year without him?)
From left:  Elder Prestwich, Elder Wilkinson, President and Sister Baird

At Nagoya Eki by the golden clock,  from left:  Elder Clark (Recorder), Elder Ellsworth (AP) Elder Prestwich,
Elder Wilkinson, Elder Ito (AP), and Elder Koesashi (Commissarian)

And finally, meeting their new companion and trainer:

Elder Prestwich with Elder Parra

Elder James Prestwich is a Murray, Utah man.  He is the second oldest of five children and is coming on a mission partly to set a good example to is younger siblings.  His ultimate goal is to live again with God, and his mission is a great help in that direction.  He calls himself an all-around person, enjoying many things, but especially mentions sports, reading and music.  He has a long list of things he loves to do.  He is creative, optimistic, kind, happy, intelligent and fun loving.  And he is
overjoyed to come to Japan.

Elder Parra is extremely patient, 
and is always happy.  He has great comunication skills and is very 
responsible.  He doesn't get irritated if people don't use common sense. 
Elder Wilkinson with Elder Schade
Elder Travis Wilkinson hails from Payson, Utah and says his family is huge. He has two brothers and four sisters.  Elder Wilkinson is the oldest, and he has a special love for his four-year-old sister.  He has completed a year at Snow College and wants to eventually go to the Huntsman Business College at Utah State.  He wants to own his own business.  He plays saxophone and guitar, has done a lot of ballroom dancing, and enjoys working on cars.  He likes working hard and he studies hard.  He worked hard to prepare for his mission with college roommates and with regular scripture study.

Elder Schade's first goal has always been to serve a successful mission, but he wants to obtain at least a bachelor's degree to provide for the family he wants to have.

And after a day of training, off they go, in the work of the Lord!

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