Monday, December 31, 2012

Inochi no Michi, December 2012

Oh the excitement!  What a thrill!  It is Shogatsu time.   I’m sure you all know that in Japan, that means:  TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE, top to bottom, better than ever, not missing a thing!  Perfection is the word of the month (or 3 P-days, or one—however long it takes.)

So, do you remember when you received the lovely laminated card with your cleaning schedule?  It is called “January – Major Deep Cleaning Month.”  It is golden.  Dig it out of your backpack, where it’s been since we gave it to you.  Or go looking underneath the dust.  It has to be there somewhere. (Call if you really can’t find it—it is essential.)  The time has come! 

Get to work and do the best job of cleaning you have ever done.  Use soap and water.  If there is something greasy, use baking soda.  If it is in the bathroom or a sink, use the green cleaner.  And especially, use elbow grease.  (For you Japanese speakers, that means “muscle power.”)

Clean top to bottom, starting high and moving down.  Light fixtures, ceilings and walls, heaters, stove top (be sure to read details on that laminated sheet), inside and outside of fridge, all small appliances, chairs, table, desks, kitchen sink and drain, doors and handles, cabinets and shelves (inside and out),  organize as you replace items and throw away old stuff, clean fans and dust edges and tops of things, clean out and organize bedroom closets, air out futons, wash all bedding,  clean out the shower and drains and under the tub  (you should be able to remove a panel from the bottom on the front of the tub), washer and dryer all over, windows, mirrors, curtains, and finally, vacuum or mop all floors everywhere, including under desks and other moveable furniture. Read directions from the cleaning sheet and if you have questions, call Sister Barney. 

Does it sound overwhelming?  Well, it’s really not.  Just start. Work together.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you can get it all cleaned.  And it will smell, look, and feel fresh and wonderful.  (You might want to do it more often.) 

And when you are finished, turn over the cleaning card.  There you will find the way to keep your apartment clean for the rest of the year.  You will be so energized and happy with your clean apartment you’ll want to go out and 20X.  Happy Cleaning.  Don’t bother to thank me…I know you are eternally grateful. 

Love, Sister Barney

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