Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Open Your Mouth

President Baird loves to tell missionaries, "Open Your Mouth."  What he means by that is to simply start talking to people, everywhere you go, in natural, normal ways.  Just start a conversation.  You can always bring it around to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, if you can just get them to start talking with you.

Well, you wouldn't expect a mission president to preach something he doesn't practice.  In fact, President Baird is a master at "Open Your Mouth."  And here's proof:

Every time, and I mean EVERY time we go to the airport to
pick someone up, President Baird talks with everyone
he possibly can, usually several people.  They often have
long, friendly conversations, and they always know something
about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before they leave.

There have been at least two times when airport security, watching us line up several carts for luggage and then
welcoming several young people to Japan, giving them a little introductory orientation followed by the "Hoiza Shout", have been curious enough to ask questions, especially when the group consists of several elders and only one sister.
(Wow!  Did you notice what a long sentence you just read?)

Well, as you can tell by the photos, they always end up enjoying a nice long visit with President Baird
and learning about you know what.

They often get invited to the mission home for a FHE.
They usually have a good time and enjoy the experience.

It doesn't matter who, when or where....
President Baird is a perfect example of
Open Your Mouth.

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