Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Transfers, February 12, 2013, Finishers

Wouldn't you know it. Time marched on and we had transfers again.  Our finishers have become a part of our heart.   As you anticipated the great joy of seeing your son or daughter walk off that plane, we were saying goodbye to the following amazing and wonderful missionaries, who we have grown to love with all our hearts. Is there some way we could just keep them, AND keep getting the new ones?  Oh, but I'm asking their parents that question.  I guess you want your wonderful, testimony filled, matured and inspired children back.  I guess we'll just have to keep having transfers.

We sadly said goodbye to:


Elder Broderick Danielson
From left, Elder Roney, ward member, Elder Danielson
Missionaries are Elder Larkin, and Elder Danielson on right. 

According to missionaries who know Elder Danielson, he 
is outgoing and gets along well with others. He is musically talented  
and people like to be with him.  He is very excited to teach 
what he has known to be true his entire life.

Elder Peter Farnsworth

This is one of my favorite pictures.  The essence of "missionary."
And the "SHINKO" in the background?  "FAITH"

Service and Smiles
Elder Burnett and Elder Farnsworth
Elder Farnsworth is a hard worker and according 
to other elders, he never complains.  He also loves 
to tell stories and is very good at it.

Elder Zachary Gish

Elder Gish (left) and Elder Hara with two darling
Matsumoto princesses.

Elder Gauthier and Elder Gish
Elder Gish loves to break dance, and even managed to get 
himself in a mission video doing a bit of it.  He loves his companions, 
and for that matter, he just seems to love everyone.

Elder Chad Hilyard

Just a little kick to the soccer ball.

From left:  Elder Farnsworth, Elder Ito, Elder Hilyard, and Elder Matson
Elder Hilyard said at the beginning of his mission that he was shy until he 
got to know people.  He must have overcome that on his mission, because 
other missionaries describe him as someone who loves talking to people and 
who is very good at it.  He is friendly and positive and funny.

Sister Mariah Hunt

Sister Saito, Sister Yamada, and Sister Hunt
Beautiful inside and out.  Sister Fujisawa, and Sister Hunt on right.
Sister Hunt is a good writer.  But what people love most about her is 
that she gets along well with everyone.  She is easy to talk to and warm-hearted.  

Elder Axel Kerksiek

Elder Adachi, and Elder Kerksiek on right.
Doing what missionaries do best.

Elder Wakamatsu and Elder Kerksiek on right, at Suwa Castle.
Elder Kerksiek is easy going with a good sense of humor.  
He can find humor in about anything, so he makes missionary 
work fun.  He is very easy to get along with.

Elder Joshua Matson

Elder Matson on left, with Elder Dunn and two genuine, bonafide Samurai Warriors.
Actually, it's the other way around.  Two genuine, bonafide missionaries.

Elder Ahuna and Elder Matson.  Don't you think
missionaries look more handsome
when they are serving?
Elder Matson gets kudos from other missionaries for being 
hard working and obedient.  He loves to learn and seems to want 
to know everything he can.  He is also very good at Japanese.  When he gets 
home, he will be working on dance and taekwando.

Sister Chalese West

Sister West on left, with Sister Adachi and Sister Hunt.

Darling workers.  From left, Sister West, Sister Masuda, Sister Adachi, Sister Nishimuro
Sister West stands out as being FAST.  She loves to run and 
can do it well.  But she also has great spiritual gifts--she is kind, 
patient, has good knowledge of the scriptures, and a sweet testimony of the Gospel.

and Sister Maori Takatsu

Sister Takatsu loves the Book of Mormon!

Sister Takatsu and Sister Stott
Sister Takatsu has a wonderful knowledge of the scriptures.  
You can tell that by just looking at her scriptures; they are well loved!  
She also has good English and loves to smile and laugh.

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  1. Such a great group! It was a privilege to have been able to dendo with a few of these fine Elders!