Monday, December 6, 2010

December 2010 New Missionaries

Tonight, we welcomed in 5 new missionaries to our mission. Elder Kusume (Tokyo), Elder Duarte (Brazil), Sister Inoue (Kumamoto), Elder Soliai (Hawaii), and Elder Kishi (Kumamoto)! It was a cold night, but that did not put out the dendo fire in them! They went straight from the airport to the mission home preaching the gospel to those they met! They are a fantastic group and will accomplish many miracles!

The Elders stop to strike a pose on the first morning outside of the mission home!

Sister Inoue (right) and Sister Koyama- Fukutoku
Sister Asako Inoue is from a family of four.  Her younger sister is in the Tokyo mission at the same time as Sister Inoue is serving.  Her parents are humorous and make them laugh.  Sister Inoue is grateful she was born in this family, even though her parents are more strict than others.  She loves nail art and she always volunteers to do friends nails for their wedding.

Sister Mana Koyama is from Hokkaido, Japan.  Her parents joined the church and both served missions.  She likes music and reading.  Sister Koyama enjoys quiet places, and she always keeps her promises.  She is easily moved to tears and loves the Book of Mormon.  She wants to always share her love for that book with others.

Elder Soliai (right)and Elder Hooton- Fukui

Elder Kastle Soliai hales from Wahiawa, Hawaii.  He comes from a family of 10 children.  Elder Soliai enjoys games that involve strategy and wit.  He likes to read, go to the beach and enjoy friends and family.   

Billings, Montana is home to Elder Tyler Hooton.  He started
on his way to medical school by studying biology for a semester
 before his mission.  He enjoys debate, basketball, anything
to stay in shape and fixing things.

Elder Kishi (right) and Elder Ogaki- Ueda

Elder Ibuki Kishi, from Kumamoto, Japan calls his family beloved.  He loves them with all his heart, especially his sisters.  He has 11 siblings and says everyone is always cheerful and they get along great.  
Elder Shunya Ogaki is from Hyougo, Japan.  His family are all members of the Church.  His dream is to be an elementary school teacher and has already begun preparations at the university.  

Elder Duarte (right) and Elder Da Silva- Fujieda

Elder Danilo Duarte says, "To be a missionary is to be happy."  From the huge city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Elder Duarte is a happy person.  He loves to laugh out loud, make new friends, and spend time with his family of six, including his wonderful grandmother.    He says they are all hard workers, love God and people, and are Mormons. 

Elder  Julio DaSilva is very good at Judo and placed third in nationals one year.  He also 
plays soccer and volleyball, and likes to surf.  He is a reader and enjoys 
meeting new people.  College, hopefully at BYU, is in his future.  
He is a happy person who tries to see good in everything.

Elder Kusume (right) and Elder Fujishima- Meito

Tokyo, Japan is home to Elder Hiroshi Fujishima.  His older and younger brothers are the only members of the church in his family.  His older brother joined first and set the example for his two brothers.  Elder Fujishim loves sports.  When he plays, he is very happy.  He also enjoys cooking and likes to invite friends over for food. His goal is a temple marriage and a happy family.  He gets confidence by trusting in Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

Elder Yuichiro Kusume has two brothers.  He is in the middle.
Elder Kusume wants to be like his father because he is good at both
job and family.  He and his brother like to joke, but his mother is serious.
She is sweet and has a pure heart.  He loves basketball and football, 
especially watching games on TV.  World Cup gets him most excited. 

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