Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 2011 New Missionaries

Tonight, President and Sister Baird went and picked up 2 new elders at the aiport. Elder Tanida and Elder Gottfredson! They are both wonderful young men. We cannot wait to see the wonderful things they will be able to accomplish!

From left:  Elder Orme (AP), Elder Insch (AP), Elder Tanida, Elder Gottfredson,
President and Sister Baird,
Outside the mission home on the first morning.

From left:  Elder Gottfredson, Elder Tanida, President and Sister Baird

Elder Tanida (right) and Elder Freeman - Ise

Elder Takahiro Tanida is the only member of the Church in his family,
but he loves them greatly and is very proud of them.  He is from Akashi,
Hyogo, Japan, and was baptized in 2009.  After reading the
Book of Mormon eagerly, it filled him with the spirit of God.
 He is always willing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"If there would be a "face" to this mission, it would be Elder Freeman.
He is just a wonderful example of what a missionary should be like."
(Quote from a great missionary who worked with Elder Freeman.)

Elder Gottfredson(left) and Elder Palmer- Nanao

Colleyville, Texas is home to Elder Kevin Gottfredson.  Elder Gottfredson
lived in Fukuoka while his father was a mission president.  He is 
a good cook, taking simple ingredients and combining them to form a 
more complex food that is enjoyable.

Elder Palmer has been called "a wonderful musician," by another elder.  
That elder also went on to say, "Elder Palmer was one of the 
best missionaries!  He was a miracle worker."

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