Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 2011 New Missionaries!

We welcomed 8 wonderful new missionaries to our mission this week! Elder Koesashi (Takasaki), Elder Iwata (Sapporo), Elder Tojo (Kumamoto), Sister Stott (Utah), Elder Hernandez (California), Sister Takatsu (Saitama), Elder Johnson (Utah), and Elder Clark (Utah). We are excited to see the amazing missionaires they will become!

A picture with all the new missionaires and
their new trainers outside of Meito church.

Elder Iwata (left) with Elder Hooton - Yokkaichi

Elder Shinichi Iwata comes from a family of four, and they have much unity.  He loves computers and music.  He feels the spirit when he plays the piano and sings.  His goal is to baptize people because it is a miracle for him.  Reading the Book of Mormon makes his heart burn in good ways, and he knows the Gospel is true and that Jesus Christ lives. He is excited to learn a lot on his mission.

Elder Hooton is a good listener and communicator.  He is aware of people's needs, and his greatest strength is his faith in Christ. 

Elder Clark (left) and Elder Berrett - Toyota

Elder Taylor Clark hales from Wellsville, Utah.  He plays the cello and sings. He also enjoys sports, but not for competition.  He hopes to have a positive impact on people in whatever occupation he chooses. He stays calm and tries to be tactful when dealing with problems.  He is also a hard worker.  He has read the Book of Mormon several times.  

Elder Shane Berrett says he likes longs walks on the beach and candlelight dinners.  He is a very visual learner.  He loves activities and getting people together.  His favorite part about being in Japan is the children.  He says he's pretty well 100% sure that Japan has the cutest kids in the world.

Elder Koesashi (left) and Elder Gottfredson - Kanazawa

Elder Ken Koesashi has an older sister who has been a great example to him.  She is currently serving in the Kobe mission.  There are four children in his family and they live in Gumma-ken, Japan.  He loves to read because it increases his imagination.  He played tennis in high school and loves it.  He would like to get a job that has something to do with books because he enjoys them so much. 

 Elder Gottfredson loves to tell jokes and be funny.  
He has great Japanese, and has trained several people in the mission.
He is easy to get along with, and obviously a great trainer.

Elder Harnandez (left) and Elder Duarte - Suzuka

Elder Brandon Hernandez calls San Marcos, California home.  He loves to draw because he is good at it.  He also loves to read.  He enjoys Japanese Animi artwork and the language.  He hopes to get a degree in criminal justice and pursue a career as a detective of the police department.  He is easy going and energetic, loves to meet new people, and is good at public speaking and athletics.  He is also good at follow-through.  He was very excited to be called to Japan and had no qualms about coming.

Elder Duarte is always a happy person, according to one of the other missionaries.  He passes that on to others, and most people really like him.  He also really loves to play soccer.  

Elder Tojo (left) and Elder Skankey - Ina

There are five in Elder Nariaki Tojo’s family, and he is the youngest, except for the family turtle, who lives in front of the genkan (the entrance to their home).  He is sure the turtle will be waiting for him in front of the gankan after his mission.  

One of Elder Skankey's former companions says he was a good companion.  He is very obedient to mission rules.  He is learning Portuguese as well as Japanese.  He was blessed to be the branch president in Ina. 

Elder Johnson (left) and Elder Kusume - Ise
Elder Nathan Johnson’s family is big, and he loves them!  
He loves to scuba dive, hang glide, draw and be creative.  
He took Kungfu for four years and was also taught Samurai sword technique 
from four masters and says he could be deadly if he had a bad side.  
He loves Japanese Coolish ice cream and thinks everyone is amazing 
once you get to know them.

Elder Kusume says he wants to marry a person who he really loves
and have three children.  He is cheerful and has lots of friends.
He wants to serve a mission because he wants to share
his happiness with many people.  

Sister Stott (left) and Sister Masuda - Takayama

Sister Lauren Stott is a triplet, and she has learned patience from being always a threesome.  Her triplet sisters are Nichole and Chelsea and she has an older brother as well.  Sister Stott loves reading, singing, dancing and drawing.  She also enjoys quiet, peaceful activities like hiking and swimming.

Sister Masuda has been called by one missionary, "the most beautiful girl I know."  It was also said of her, "She is very radiant and a strong influence for good."  How nice to have that said of you.

Sister Takatsu (left) with Sister Clark

She is friendly and happy, doesn't like to waste time, and even likes fun activities
to have a purpose.  She is focused and hard working.

Sister Maori Takatsu from Tokyo, Japan has six sisters and a brother. Sister Takatsu has 
a social worker’s qualificiation and hopes to become a public servant at 
welfare service, especially to help people with mental illness.  She has a go-getter 
attitude and a desire to improve. 

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