Friday, October 21, 2011

Nihonjin Taikai

Today, we had a conference for all the Japanese missionaries in the mission. In past trainings, because the majority of it was done in English, the Japanese missionaries listened to it using translation equipement. Today provided all Japanese missionaries an opportunty to listen and participate in a training using only their native language. Many missionaries have been anticipating this event. The conference was hold in the Meito church. It was a great scene to see all the Japanese missionaries assembled together. There was a very special power and spirit in the atmosphere. The opening session of the conference commenced. There, many of the prophecies about Japan were shared and the spirit was felt. Everyone was able to feel the power in the words.

Before the afternoon session, all missionaries headed next door to the Baird home for a wonderful lunch prepared by Sister Baird. It was quite a site to see all the missionaires sitting together in the Baird home. Even the genkan area was covered in a very ordered sea of shoes.

During the afternoon session, the missionaries participated in a Family Home Evening. It was very fun as everyone sang together and played together. The spirit filled the room as the spiritual message was shared. Everyone walked away from the conference more edified and strengthened to continue in the work. It was a great blessing to the missionaries in this mission!

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