Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 2011 New Missionaries

Tonight, we welcomed 7 new amazing missionaries into our mission! Sister Adachi (Kanagawa), Sister Hunt (California), Sister West (Idaho), Elder Okajima (Machida), Elder Schade (Utah), Elder Heo (Korea)
and Elder Hara (Fukuoka). It was great to see the excitment in their faces as they got
off the plane and headed out to preach the gospel for the first time!

Everyone stopped to give a HOIZA pose at the Golden Clock in Nagoya Station.

First Day at the Mission home with President and Sister Baird.

Elder Okajima (left) and Elder Shimajiri- Nakatsugawa

Elder Shuto Okajima, from Tokyo, Japan comes from a family of six,
and all are active at church.  He likes to listen to music because it helps
him be calm and have a positive attitude.  He has liked cars since he was a child.

Elder Naohiro Shimijiri also comes from a wonderful family of 10.  He and two siblings are members of the church.  Elder Simijiri’s dreams are to share love and humility and be a good example.  He enjoys sports, especially basketball and track.  He joined the Church at 23 years old, and is anxious to share the Gospel with others.
Elder Heo (left) and Elder Hiruta- Kariya

Elder Dong Ho Heo is from Changwon, Korea, and is the only Korean serving in the Nagoya mission currently.  He says his life changed in 2009 when he joined the church.  Elder Heo smiles all the time, is outgoing and loves to meet people and talk with them.

Elder Hiruta wants to have a happy family and be sealed in the temple.  He knows the scriptures are true and has grown from studying them.  He looks forward to testifying to his children of missionary work, and he knows his mission will set the example.
Elder Schade (left) and Elder Boss- Suwa

Elder Eric Schade loves to make people laugh, even though he calls himself a bit shy.  He is easy going and easy to get along with.  He is from Heber, Utah and enjoys soccer, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking and music.

Elder Alexander Boss is from Midway, Utah and has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He enjoys sports and did track in high school. He also likes music, reading and travel.  He has been to over 30 countries with his family.

Elder Hara (left) and Elder Ito- Inuyama

Elder Shintaro Hara comes to us from Fukuoka, Japan and comes from a family of five.  He is the youngest and has two older sisters.  His hobby is boxing.  He also enjoys reading, and read 600 books in five years.

Elder Ito` says he is an extrovert.  He loves talking to people.  He is honest and obedient and has been to church every Sunday since he was a baby.  All three of his older brothers were missionaries, and he noticed how their missions made them better men.

Sister Hunt (left) and Sister Clark- Okazaki

Sister Mariah Hunt loves to play the piano.  It is an important part of her life.  
She is also artistic and loves to draw the human form.  She is from Folsom, CA.

Of Sister Clark, one missionary said, "If there would be a sister AP, I would vote for her."  
Sister Clark attended BYU before her mission and discovered a passion for languages
 and music.  She is majoring in Linguistics.

Sister West (left) and Sister Nishimuro- Matsumoto

Sister Chalese West, currently from Rigby, Idaho, attended Utah State and was on the track team.  Her favorite race is the 200m, but she does others as well.  She is a reader, and especially likes C.S.Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein.  She also loves swimming and water sports.  She plans to graduate in either wildlife science or rangeland management and then go to graduate school.  Her dream job would be to study cougars or other predators.  Sister West says she is shy, but is determined and works hard to excel.  She has a testimony strong of the Savior.

Sister Nishimuro loves music, especially singing and she also likes to draw.  Her goal is to become an elementary school teacher and her dream is to have an eternal family.  She tries hard not to be judgmental and has lots of friends.  She loves the Church because it makes people happy.  

Sister Adachi (right) and Sister Saito- Shizuoka

Sister Miho Adachi is from Kanazawa, Japan and she has five people in her family.  She has had experience in child care and loves to use paper to create greeting cards.  Her goal is to have a happy family.  She hopes to teach nursery school or kindergarten after her mission.

Sister Saito loves the children’s hymnbook because it clearly teaches the Gospel.  She wants to learn a language fluently.  She looks forward to a temple marriage and having children.

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