Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"What We Do Is True"

Experience shared by Elder Dustin Larsen

I remember coming in as a young missionary, ready to work and see tons of baptisms along the way.  As time went by, my work ethic continued to get stronger and more effective, but the baptisms never came.  It wasn’t until January 16, 2010, almost a year into my mission, when I saw my first baptism.  It was an older lady named Osada.  I refer to her as my “Japanese grandma”.  I love Osada san with all my heart and am so blessed to be a part of her conversion. 

I worked with her for six months and after all that needed to be done was finished, she was baptized.  I remember walking into the font with her, saying the prayer word for word, immersing her into the water and lifting her up. 

What happened after that though, is something I’ll never forget.  I escorted her out of the font and I remained there alone for about 30 seconds.  In those 30 seconds I looked up towards heaven and felt God’s love stronger than any other time in my life. I knew that God lives and what we do is true.  I will never forget that special witness after Osada san’s baptism.

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