Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 2012 Finishers

This week, we said good-bye to a really great group of missionaries! It was a large, energetic group of 9 wonderful missionaries! Elder Boss, Elder Hooton, Elder Pearson, Elder Adachi, Elder Curtis, Elder Transtrum, Sister Clark, Elder Valentine, and Elder Stachowski. They are all great missionaries and we will miss them! We love them so much and are so grateful for their examples and their service.

Seated, left to right: Elder Transtrom, Sister Clark, Elder Valentine, Elder Stachowski
Standing: Elder Boss, Elder Hooton, Elder Pearson, Elder Adachi, Elder Curtis, and Sister and President Baird
Of Elder Stachowski, another elder said, "He is a very handy elder.  He can fix anything, any time, anywhere."

One of Elder Valentine's former companions said of him, "He has a very big heart...and an even bigger appetite."

Elder Hooton has a great sense of humor.  One missionary said he was one of the funniest people he has met.  Elder Hooton also enjoys fixing things, and has fixed everything from a dryer to a computer.

Sister Clark loves to teach and be involved with learning.  She may become a language teacher, likely teaching Japanese.  She likes most any activity where there is learning involved.
Sister Clark and Sister Baird at the mission home

Elder Pearson says he doesn't show much emotion, so people can't always tell how he is feeling about something.  But he is almost always positive and doesn't think he has any enemies.  He has finally fulfilled his life-long dream of serving a mission.

Elder Boss is hoping for a business/marketing degree and is interested in advertising. He is a good friend, organizer and has a good sense of humor.  He lived in Japan for 10 years, but attended an American school.

Walking into Chubu Airport
Elder Transtrum knew how to dendo, according to one of his former companions.  He knew how to work hard and, when the time was right, he knew how to have fun.  He also had very good Japanese.

Missionaries who knew Elder Adachi said he loves people and enjoys talking to them.  He always has a loving feel about him and is easy to love.  He had the privilege of serving in the mission at the same time as  his sister for a while.   

From West Valley City, Utah, Elder Derrick Curtis thinks soccer is the all time best sport in the world.  He also loves to read and plans to become an engineer or architect.  Elder Curtis likes to do what he is supposed do.

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