Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hard to Say Goodbye/March 2012 Finishers

How we love our missionaries!  How we hate to see them go.  But we know they have matured, in testimony and strength of character, in ability to study and serve.  We send them off with confidence in their ability to move forward and do great things. 
Seated left to right: Eckman, Ogaki, Otahara, Nelson, Shimajiri
Standing: Imaizumi, Wynn, Tsutamori, President and Sister Baird, Sis. Masuda, Takahashi, and Momose

Sister Iyo Masuda is from Hokkaido, Japan.  One elder said she has a great talent to help people become better.  Do sister missionaries get any more beautiful than this?  

Sister Iyo Masuda. Yosh!

Elder Justin Eckman went home to St. Anthony, Idaho. Elder Eckman is very patriotic and loves his country.  He is funny, a great cook, (his cakes are in high demand) and when he is teaching, he makes things easy to understand.  

Elder Eckman with Nagoya Castle in background.
Elder Nelson, left, with Elder Berrett
See Elder Nelson again below.  He's an angel.

Elder William Nelson loves many sports and playing the guitar. He has dreams to be an accountant and run his own business after his mission. One of his former companions siad that Elder Nelson has a dry sense of humor that makes everyone laugh hard.  And if there is a problem somewhere, he is the one you can trust to go fix it. He loves to serve others.  Another missionary said, "He is one of my favorite people ever."

Elder Masashi Imaizumi is from Chiba, Japan.  He can be quiet, but he is easy to get along with.  He is a good worker, and has a great sense of humor.  It's easy to make him laugh.  He thinks things through and can be an effective teacher.  He loved working with less active members.
Elder Momose also plays piano.

Elder Yasuaki Momose enjoys watching movies and painting pictures.  He wants to become an architect and design houses.  He was baptized just a year before his mission.  He is sincere and tender.  He is from Hokkaido, Japan.

Elder Shunya Ogaki is from Hyougo, Japan.  He enjoys doing puzzles and likes to do things to be healthy.  Even thought he may look slender, he is very strong, according to one of his missionary friends. 

Elder Ogaki is quick to notice when he can serve.

One of Elder Otahara's former companion said that Elder Otahara is great with kids, and he enjoys riding his bike.  He teaches the Gospel simply, to the understanding of others.  He is also good with words.  

Elder Otahara is the second angel from left.  He is with
Sister Masuda, Elder Nelson, and Elder Takahashi

Elder Shimijiri enjoys sports, especially basketball and track. He received a lesson about the church when he was 19, but later he received the lesson again and joined the Church at 23 years old.  He knows someone is waiting for this gospel and is anxious to share the it with others.

Elder Shimijiri (left) with Ken, Keiko, and Rua Edo, and Elder Kervinen

Elder Shimijiri

Is this Elder Takahishi's goal or accomplishment?

Elder Yusuke Takahashi comes from Saitama, Japan.  He hopes someday to work in an international setting.  Sports make him happy, and he likes to dance.  He is courageous and says rugby made his strong.  His bishop described him as humble and kind.

Elder Wynn

Elder Wynn is second from left.  Other missionaries from left:
Elder Curtis, Elder Flint, Sister Inoue, and Sister Kumagai.

Don't missionaries look great when they are serving!
Elder Mikel Wynn comes from Salem, Oregon, and his mother is from Japan.  He has the advantage of having lived in Japan as a young child, so he had a start on the language. He enjoys writing and music.  His whole family plays several instruments.  He is also interested in aviation and hopes to become a flight instructor.
Mutual Regard
Elder Shimon Tsutamori’s hero is his father.  He wants to be like him—a hard worker and always serving family and church.  He dreams of being able to help those in trouble.

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