Friday, March 30, 2012

The Love of a Sister

Story by Elder Ryan Horne

It all started when we asked the bishop for names of less-active members he wanted us to visit.  He gave to us the name of Maria, a member from Peru with health problems, and we went to give her a visit.

Maria had come to church about once in the five months that I had been in the area (Yokkaichi).  We asked her what we could do to help her in her situation.  She said, “I want you to call my sister.”  Apparently her sister had gone less active in Japan right after her baptism, and may not have been confirmed a member. 

I was a little daunted by the idea of calling someone who only spoke Spanish, because I don’t know Spanish.  But I tried to call, and she was thrilled!  She invited us over to her house and her two children were delighted to see us.  This mom said her only desire was to see her family get baptized, by water and by fire.  Over the next few weeks her two children, Yumiko and Miguel, learned about the Restoration, the priesthood, baptism, and other important things.  They loved it. 

A couple of months later, after a flurry of Elva’s health problems, their father’s heart became soft.  We had some really powerful lessons.  They were able to enter the waters of baptism and fulfill their mother’s dream.

From left, Yumiko, Elder Horne, Elder Gathier, Miguel.
Elva, their mom, in front.

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