Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goodbye to Finishers, July 2012

Missionary work can be challenging.  It has its really hard days where there is nothing but rejection.  But it has its great days, when things go well, and especially when someone gets baptized.  These days make the hard days all worth it.  Always, missionaries who are finishers are stronger than when they began.  

For senior missionaries who work in the office, the most difficult part of missionary work is saying goodbye to great young men and women whom we have grown to love.  It seems to get more difficult every time.  This group of missionaries was no exception.  

God be with you till we meet again.
Seated:  Elder Horne, Elder Van Campen, Elder O'Kelley, Elder Skankey, Elder Larkin, and Elder McClellen
Standing:  Elder Kervinen, Elder Jessop, Sister Shaver, Sister and President Baird, Elder Ward, and Elder Augusto
 In alphabetical order:

When Elder Augusto is given an assignment, he always reports back.   
He also loves to have fun and he has great skill at getting along with just about everyone.
He is easy going, but knows what he is doing and does it well. 

Elder Horne, in addition to knowing Japanese, is also fluent in Portuguese 
and has used it often on his mission. One elder said, 
"He just loves to work hard and loves teaching people.  

Elder Jessop, according to someone who has worked with him, 
has a pure heart.  He is also a person who, when you ask him 
to do something, he gets it done--quickly and well.  
He is completely dependable.

Elder Kervinen is, according to another elder, probably the greatest guy ever, 
with a super strong spirit.  He is always optimistic and can brighten
 any situation with his smile.  "We all love him and his awesome personality." 
He is a great leader, AND, he knows Santa Claus.  (He must be from Finland!)

Elder Larkin has a strong personality and a forward attitude,
according to one elder who knows him.  He doesn't like to take no
for an answer and will push however he must for victory.

Elder McClellen was described as having a frank and strong attitude,
making him welcome in any social circle.  His relationship with his 
brothers is very close and strong.  They even have nicknames and codes.  

Elder O'Kelley has been called a "way good guy," and he loves to joke but 
always know when to be serious.  He is good at making friends
and can get along with anyone.

Sister Shaver likes to draw.  On her mission she especially enjoyed getting 
to know the members and investigators, and loved 
playing with the kids.  Takayama was her favorite area because 
she started and ended there.  

Elder Skankey has a flair for making creative stories, according to 
those who know him.  He is also very obedient.  One missionary said that Elder Skankey
would read the Missionary Handbook looking for little things he could do
better, and try to improve. 

Elder Van Campen's personality can be best captured by the thought of a pineapple.  
Sometimes he can be kind of bristly on the outside, but inside is the soft, 
spiritual giant that the people of Japan have come to love.

One of Elder Ward's great strengths is patience.  He is calm, easy going,
and has a good perspective about life.

Elders Van Campen, O'Kelley, and Skankey
 We were treated with a special feast this transfer.  Brother Hall, a member 
of a nearby ward, offered to come to the honbu and prepare a turkey dinner 
for the missionaries who were leaving.  The turkey was cooked in a 
deep fat cooker, and it was wonderful.  Thank you, Brother Hall!  Delicious!!
The beautiful Hall Family
 After dinner, 11 missionaries left the honbu and went out either proselyting, 
getting referrals from members (Fulfillment and Follow-up), working with 
members, or doing "To The Rescue," which helps part-member and 
less active families.  

Elder O'Kelley, Brother Shinohara (from the Meito Ward), Elder Skankey
and Elder Ward.  Brother Shinohara could easily be called "Brother Service."
He helps with everything in every way, and practically every time.

Sister Shaver with Sister Kubota (who will be leaving on a mission
herself in the next month) and Sister Liu.  Both are superb
ward missionaries.

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