Wednesday, July 25, 2012

11 New Missionaries, July 2012

Here they are!  Welcome, welcome to Elder Yoshizawa, Elder Kaminishi, Elder Matsunaga, Elder Roney,
Elder Honda, Sister Fujisawa, (Sister and President Baird), Elder Roney, Elder Matsatahti,
Elder K. Baker, Elder Harada, and Elder Kaneko.

Of course, there was the greeting.
Sister Fujisawa first.
Lots of smiles and happy hellos.
Elder Kaminishi with President Baird

There was a little bit of "getting to know you."
Elder Kaminishi, Elder Koesashi (commissarian), Elder Matsunaga,
and Elder Honda (facing right).

This is how the end of the Hoiza Shout looks.

And finally, dinner at home with 11 tired missionaries.
Elder Ellsworth, AP on left, Elder Barney and
Elder Koesashi (commissarian) on right.

The next day, we enjoyed the pleasure of a piano/cello rendition.
So much talent! (Elder Honda and Kaminishi)

Elder Matsunaga (left) with his trainer, Elder Nakanishi

Elder Subaru Matsunaga is from Tokyo, Japan.  He is very proud of his mother, 
who is deaf and uses sign language.  She is a wonderful woman.  
He likes to watch movies and make stories and videos.  He studied film making 
when he was in the US, and also studies editing and script writing.  It is both a hobby and a major.

Elder Nakanishi makes friends fast and is positive and friendly.  
He became converted to the Church when he traveled to Salt Lake City 
and attended General Conference.  

 Elder Kaminishi (left) with his trainer, Elder Sambongi

Elder Shimon Kaminishi has joined missionary lessons often, and has felt that 
missionary work is a gift from God.  He has recognized the strong 
testimony and great love and power of the spirit.  He knows missionary 
work is the work of God and that God will help us as we teach.  
Elder Kaminishi is from Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan  and has been 
preparing hard to go on a mission and go to college.

Elder Sambongi plans to be a dentist.  His greatest talent and hobby is music.  
He plays string bass and was a member of Utah Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra 
and played with Utah Symphony where he toured in Italy.

Elder Honda (left) with his trainer, Elder Soliai
Elder Takumi Honda comes from a family of eight.  He will serve 
his mission at the same time as his younger brother.  Elder Honda is from 
Tokyo, Japan and he and his brother have been going to the temple every 
week in preparation.  He has lots of hobbies, and especially mentions reading, 
sports, driving cars, drawing, travel, and piano.  His is very optimistic and has a 
strong testimony of the Gospel.  He knows the Gospel makes us better.

Elder Soliai hasn't planned his future occupation, but he knows he can 
be successful if he remains obedient to the commandments.  
He is accepting, humorous and adaptable. 

Elder Harada (left) with his trainer, Elder Kuwahara

Home to Elder Yoshiharu Harada is Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.  His family
loves to go camping, and they do it often.  Elder Harada loves to watch sports
and play baseball.  He also enjoys puzzles.  His goals include learning English
(to help him have a world view) and having an eternal family.  His strengths
are trying lots of things, being patient, and having unity.  

Elder Kuwahara wants to master English and travel.  He enjoys 
making people smile and has many friends.  He is also 
obedient and a good listener.

Sister Fujisawa (left) with her trainer, Sister Stott

Coming to us from Tokyo, Japan, Sister Kaho Fujisawa has a brother also
serving a mission.  She says her family loves to talk together, and they work hard. 
She has learned a lot through sports and hopes to do sports for a long time. 

Sister Stott plans to become and educator, focusing on elementary students, 
but she also likes graphic design.  And temple marriage and motherhood 
are also in her plans.  She is a caring, but also determined person.  
Sister Stott always wanted to serve a mission, and when she found out she 
had to wait until she was 21, she cried.

Elder Kaneko (left) with his trainer, Elder Kishi

Elder Norikazu Kaneko is from Nakano, Tokyo, Japan.  His father, brother and he converted to the Church 7 years before his mission.  His mother has always been a member and was the influence to their conversion.  Elder Kaneko loves to cook and plans to go to culinary college after his mission.  He also enjoys sports, music and movies.  He likes to pray and feels it is a great blessing to be able to talk with God.  

Elder Kishi has a talent for singing, cutting paper into wonderful animals 
and shapes, juggling and card tricks.  He is cheerful and positive and 
makes friends with everyone.  Children especially love it when he is around.  
He is a hard worker and has a strong testimony.

Elder Seipel (left) with his trainer, Elder Hilyard

Orem, Utah is where Elder Mckay Seipel calls home.  He is the youngest in a
family of five and both of his siblings have served missions.  Elder Seipel wants to become an electrical engineer, get married, be a lake artist and a photoshop

Elder Hilyard is a hard worker and loves
to read the scriptures.  He says he is shy until he gets to know people
and is good at empathy.  He wants to get a degree in science or business
and master in Japanese Language.  He was surprised, though,
to be called to Japan.  

Elder Roney (left) with his trainer, Elder Shimohara

Elder Jarom Roney, from Heber City, Utah, is the third of six children.  Both 
of his older siblings are serving missions at the same time as him.  Elder Roney 
loved growing up in a small town, and has enjoyed travel, sports, board 
and card games with his family, but he doesn't care for hiking, hunting and fishing.  
Tennis, basketball and badminton are his favorite sports, and he loves to read.

Before his mission, Elder Shimohara was really into computers. He likes building 
and taking things apart.  In college, he was part of a team that built a small 
unmanned submarine. He says he is kind of serious, but when he loosens up, 
he is just a normal goofy guy. 

Elder Metsatahti (left) with his trainer, Elder Gish 

Only the second missionary to serve in this mission from Finland, Elder Niklas Metsatahti is from Turku in Suomi.  He is the oldest of six children and loves to read comics and draw.  He also enjoys board games.  He says he is kind and can 
adapt to situations well.  He doesn't like giving up, and is normally cheerful.  
He knows the Book of Mormon and its teachings are true.  He has liked Japan 
for a long time, so he is looking forward to serving here.

Elder Gish would like to become a good father like his own.  He would also enjoy
coaching high school baseball or lacrosse.  He is outgoing and never nervous.
 It is easy for him to meet new people and speak in any size crowd.  He is kind
and wants to make people happy. Ever since he was a little boy,
he has wanted to serve a mission.

Elder Baker (left) with his trainer, Elder Finlinson

From Salem, Oregon, Elder Kevin Baker is interested in history, politics and 
studying religion.  He says they all help to further understanding of why we are here 
and how it relates to us today.  His other hobbies are reading and playing paino. 
 Elder Baker plans to enlist in the US Army and attend BYU when he finishes 
his mission.  He wants to make a difference in the world.

Elder Finlinson says that he thinks he has a small presence despite being tall.  
And he doesn't like to talk about himself.  He is also a fast learner.

Elder Yoshizawa (left) with his trainer, Elder Tojo

Elder Touya Yoshizawa comes to us from Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 
Japan.  He and his two brothers were involved in cubscouts and scouting when 
they were young, and really enjoyed that.  He also enjoys many games and the computer.  He says he has a good memory and great dexterity.  He has a 
 testimony  of prayer and has been blessed to always find answers 
when he needs them.

Elder Tojo's favorite scripture (D & C 25:12) is about singing hymns.  
Singing hymns gives him peace.  Elder Tojo has a great smile 
and is obedient.  He is good with his hands at making things,
 like assembling furniture.  He also plays guitar.  

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