Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tsunami of 2011--Follow-up

The following letter is from Bro.Nozomi Watanabe, from the Tokyo Japan Mission Accounting Department.  He freely gave permission for us to share it on the blog, explaining that he wants the word to get out that there is still a great deal of help needed to recover from the Tsunami of 2011.

I finally went back to office today! I had been to Ishinomaki –city from last Wednesday to last Friday.
I would like to share the picture I took last week. It already passed more than a year from great disaster at Tohoku area.
Through looked around Tohoku area last week, I felt they still need a lot of help!


First day was raining and we could not go to fishing port to help Oyster things, but we went to Aikawa Elementary school and helped to separate countless trash.


Whole school was covered by Tsunami. Most of the students were guided to escaped to the mountain behind this school by their teacher.
However, still many citizen were dead on 3/11 at here, including a grandson of a man who guided this school to us this day.

Whole ceiling of this building were fallen down.

Aikawa school students left many message on the blackboard and walls.
On the above picture`s message says “Remember 3/11”.

This is a gym next to school. It easy to tell that 3/11 was a great disaster.


This shopping street is build by a citizen who lose their business and shop by Tsunami.
We ate many tasty Oysters, Scallops, fresh Seafood, and many other local food at here. I ate a Mola fish for the first time in my life at here! It was good than I expected!

This is fish cake fry. It was so good, and I would like to cook it by myself next time!

Those white and green spots are not blue cheese, but fresh seaweed! It was tasty!


This is what we ate at the hotel for dinner. Red meat on the right side of this picture is a whale`s raw meat. It was my first time to eat a whale`s raw meat. I love whale and hesitated to eat them, but It was so good! I wish I could eat more!

Many trash were still left all around.

The building on the picture was came down right behind the ground by Tsunami.


Looks like this picture shows any particular building but just a flat field. Sadly, many building and house were here at this place before Tsunami.

This is “Umineko House” where we donated our T-shirt and made “Nuno Zori”


This is what I made this day with “Senssei”. It was fun to chose T-shirt to use. To making a Nuno Zori was hard works than I expected. Even skilful person would take a day to make only one zori. People in Umineko House were filled with power. They smile always, share some jokes, and the house were filled with laugh all day. We had a great time at here.
(Yes, this is me! You finally see who you talk with on the phone!)

If you search by “ママサポーターズ” at Facebook, you can learn about their activity more.


We ate a lot of fresh local seafood at Ishinomaki for launch. It was so good!


This is what I found at Sano Parking Area on the way back to Tokyo. On above, it says this ice contains 10% local lemon, but when I saw below, it says contains 0% fruit. Which description is right?

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