Monday, April 18, 2011

Tokyo is Coming to Nagoya, II

Following the Tsunami and with the nuclear disaster, the decision was made to evacuate missionairies from Tokyo until it was determined to be safe to be in the that area.  We were blessed to have 55 wonderful missionaries sent to us, but it was for all too short a time.  We loved them while we had them!  A few of them are in the April 2011 New Missionaries blog.  Here are the others.

Elder Shogo Kyotani

Elder Kyotani, from Kwachinagano, Osaka, Japan, likes to race bikes and cars, and he
also likes basketball and wheelchair basketball.  He wants to own a bike shop
some day and be a businessman.

Elder John Lewis

Elder Lewis, from Peach Tree City, Georgia, loves sports, martial arts, reading,
and music.  He looks forward to finishing college, getting married, having kids and having fun.

Elder Nalan Ludwig

Elder Ludwig is from Elk Grove, California and  he likes wrestling
and music.  He thinks he may become a firefighter and wants to do lots of traveling.

Sister Jurika Maesawa

From Kumamoto, Japan, Sister Maesawa loves
sports, especially badmitton.   With that beautiful smile, she
probably smiles and wins the game.

Sister Akie Neki

Sister Neki is from Koayam, Japan.  She loves to eat!  She also loves sports,
namely tennis and table tennis, and she enjoys listening to music.  She
dreams of owning her own shop or cafe.    

Elder Bryant Nelson

Elder Nelson comes from bountiful, Utah and likes history, driving cars,
and having fun while being obedient.  One of his goals is to drive across America.

Elder James Oxnard

Elder Oxnard has already made friends at the eki!  He is from Yorba Linda, California.
He loves volleyball, reading, long walks on the beach.
He plans to graduate from UC Berkeley in Political Economics.

Elder Michael Remington

Elder Remington, from Ontario, California, plans to major
in statistics and start his own company.  

Elder Gabriel Ribeiro

Elder Ribeiro, from Gama, Brazil, likes to swim and listen to music,
read and eat.  In addition to having 10 children, he plans to learn
two more languages and be a successful businessman.

Elder Jace Ruppe

Elder Ruppe  is from Vernal, Utah and enjoys programming,
snowboarding and climbing.  He plans to return to college and make some
apps that he has thought up, and get a job as a programmer.

Sister Hatsue Shibata

From Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, Sister Shibata loves reading, listening to music,
learning English, taking walks and watching movies.
 She hopes to study abroad and learn psychology to help children.

Elder Koichi Shitami

Elder Shitami comes from Hokkaido, Japan.  His interests are cars, soccer, reading,
music and movies.  He hopes to get a job at Nitori or work at a car repair shop.

Elder Naoharu Takae

From Kagoshima, Japan, Elder Takae loves to draw illustrations, read, and
learn English.  He wants to  go to BYU, and hopefully get a job
in Kagoshima doing illustrations.

Elder Diasuke Tauchi

Elder Tauchi is from Yonego, Tottori, Japan.  He loves to watch soccer
games and  listen to music.  After his mission, he is looking forward to marriage.

Elder Benjamin Taylor

Elder Taylor, from Salt Lake City, Utah, loves violin and piano and  is a runner.
His future dreams include having a family, being a politician,
and sharing the Gospel throughout his life with music.

Sister Yumiko Utsumi

Sister Utsumi is from Hyogo, Japan.  She like drawing, singing, and learning
English.  She wants to study psychology and become a therapist. 

Elder Benjamin Willard

Elder Willard is from Roosevelt, Utah.  He loves soccer, sports, reading, math,
Spanish and the Gospel.  His goal is to become a seminary teacher.  

Elder Thomas Wyman

Elder Wyman comes from East Lyme, Connecticut.
Juggling, unicycling, surfing, snowboarding, skiing, ping pong 
and bagpiping are his interests.  His goal is bicycle across America the long way.

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