Monday, April 18, 2011

Tokyo is Coming to Nagoya

Following the Tsunami and with the nuclear disaster, the decision was made to evacuate missionairies from Tokyo until it was determined to be safe to be in the that area.  We were blessed to have 55 wonderful missionaries sent to us, but it was for all too short a time.  We loved them while we had them!  A few of them are in the April 2011 New Missionaries blog.  Here are the others.

Sister Naomi Asai

Sister Asai is From Flushing, New York.  She loves traveling, learning new
languages  and guitar.  She wants to become a bridge between America and Japan.

Elder Ross Barton

Elder Barton is from Kapolei, Hawaii.  He enjoys scuba diving, movies, and learning
Japanese.  He wants to marry in the temple and have a huge family.  

Elder Benjamin Bates

Elder Bates loves theatre, books (both reading and
writing them) singing, and eating Japanese food.   He wants to study
literature at Oxford and become a famous novelist.

Elder Brandon Bednar

Elder Bednar is from Centerville, Utah and enjoys lacrosse, golf, basketball, guitar
and film making.  He's like to work for an advertising firm.  

Elder Blair Bryant

Elder Bryant comes from West Jordan, Utah.  He likes
billiards, ping-pong, long boarding and jumping.

Elder Scott Bullock

Elder Bullock did a marvelous job of understanding the culture of the
mission and helping to blend the Tokyo missionaries into the mission.
He has great leadership ability, keen spiritual insights, and was greatly respected.

Elder Brian Campbell

Elder Campbell comes from Lodi, California.  Basketball, reading and computer
 programming are his loves, and he hopes to get a degree in Political Science.

Elder Hattahai Chumuangwapee

Elder Chumuangwapee is from Khonkaen, Thailand.  He dreams of
becoming the top man at a large hotel some day.

Elder Drew Darlington

Elder Darlington is from Flagstaff, Arizona.  He likes sports, piano, surfing
and longboarding.  He wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become a dentist.

Elder Caleb Flint

Elder Flint  moved to Payson, Utah just before his mission.  He
plays trumpet, runs, and plays basketball.  He's looking to graduate from BYU
Business School and get a combined MBA/Law degree at Harvard.

Sister Chiaki Fujita

From Kumamoto, Japan, Sister Fujita loves music, reading, sign language,
drawing and learning other languages and foreign cultures.  She
dreams of becoming a teacher and traveling to Greece and Venice.

Elder Komei Fukushima

Elder Fukushima is from Kumamot, Japan and loves
all sports.  While on his mission, he was still working on his dreams for the future.

Elder Mineki Furugen

Elder Furugen comes from Okinawa, Japan.  Basketball,
ping pong, baseball, cars, and natural things, especially the sea,
are what he enjoys.  He also likes clothes, because he wants to become a tailor.

Sister Yumiko Harada

From Ibara, Okayama, Japan, Sister Harada loves music
more than about anything.  She hopes to become a better person
through practicing Christlike attributes.

Sister Momoko Inoue

Sister Inoue, from Kumamoto, Japan, likes listening to music, singing, piano
and clarinet.  After her mission, she plans to get a job.  She says the Atonement of Jesus Christ
 is the most important thing in her life. 

Elder Kazuyuki Kameya

Elder Kazuyuki Kameya is from Kuriyoshi, Tottori, Japan.  He likes all sports,
especially soccer.  He hopes to become a teacher or accountant.

Elder Tyler Keith

Elder Keith comes from Ontario, Canada.  He enjoys all kinds of sport, learning
Japanese, and making new friends.  He is headed to college after his mission.

Elder Yuyu Kikugawa

Elder Kikugawa is from Ehime, Japan.  He likes oranges and the
beautiful Sakura trees of Japan.  His goal is to become like Christ and have a happy family.

Sister Miyori Kohatsu

From Okinawa, Japan, Sister Kohatsu loves colors.  She
also is interested in history.  She hopes to become a more righteous
person and find a good man to marry.

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